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Is Hbr A Strong Electrolyte | ELECTROLYTE TABLETS | Is An Acid An Electrolyte

Whatever makes you sweat, electrolyte tablets are crucial for rehydration and keeping optimum fluid balance.

Biking, diarrhoea and air art cabins have one thing in common; electrolyte discrepancy caused by fluid loss. The fact that normal water makes up between fifty - 60% of the human body, and 70 percent of muscle, heart, and brain tissue highlights how important hydration is for normal bodily function. This only takes fluid loss above 1% of body-weight to become dehydrated, so that as you lose fluids your body is also losing a blend of debris and minerals that really must be changed for rehydration; this where electrolyte tablets come in.

hydration tablet formulation
What are Electrolytes?
Without electrolytes, your body simply would not work. Dissolved in body fluids, these small electrically charged contaminants are involved in almost every function throughout the body, and are specifically imp…

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