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Mistress moved back from the tray and reviewed her work. Without uttering a word, she made and remaining the room for a brief moment. When she went back I could see in the place of my attention that she carried anything such as for instance a plastic bottle and some shiny object. She put equally things on the tray between my legs. Then she left the area again, but this time I quickly acknowledged the thing that she cut back by the noise. Mistress drawn her favorite armchair in to the space and towards the rack. That armchair appeared to be a tiny wooden throne. Once she'd reached the edge of the sheet, she picked up the seat and put it onto the top of the rack. The feet of the seat fit right beside my armpits and my hips. I was presented like a picture. Now that the throne was in place, I recognized what Mistress was planning to accomplish in my experience that day. If she left the throne in this location then she'd be able to use my experience as her footstool. Which was a n…

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