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Which usually paper falls to the ground first? What seems to keep the toned sheet from falling quickly? We live with air all around us. Our planet world is surrounded by a level of air called the atmosphere. The atmosphere extends hundreds of miles above the surface of the earth.

Take two sheets of the same-sized paper. Crumple one of the papers into a ball. Hold the crumpled paper and the smooth paper high above the head. Drop them both at the same time. Typically the force of gravity drags them both downward.

Have you ever flown a paper aeroplane? Sometimes it twists and loops through the air and then Origami Easy Rose comes to red, soft as a feather. Other times a paper rudder climbs upright, flips over, and dives headfirst into the ground. What keeps a paper aeroplane in the air? How could you make a paper aeroplane require a00 long flight) How can you make it loop or change! Does flying a paper aeroplane on a turbulent day help it to stay aloft? What can you learn about rea…

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